Mokshali Jhamb has always been enthralled by jewelry. Even while growing up, her love towards her mother’s ornaments & designer pieces was evident, as she would often be found fiddling around with them. Her affection was also not the garden-variety kind, as she would pester all within earshot, just to learn more about the intricate processes that gave them their shape. If there was anything in the world that could dwarf her love for jewelry, it was her love for sketching. A National Level Gold Medalist in sketching, Mokshali’s level of attention-to-detail is tremendous to say the least.


As time passed, her interests started to merge into a well-intended idea of designer jewelry, customizable to the core, & inspired by the new-age urbane, the suave & the debonair. Hence, after acquiring an MBA degree in Finance, she found herself well-equipped with the know-how of foraying into setting up her own designer emporium.


Mokshali’s designs lean majorly towards her inspiration from contemporary & fusion themes, riddled with precious & semi-precious stones. Each of the designs has its own idiosyncrasies that have been carefully conjured up by her. Alas, it is but her innate ability to visualize breath-taking jewelry, from concept to product, which truly sets her apart.

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